Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guilt by Association

One of my favorite reasons against Hillary is the "baggages" she carries: "Oh, I'm just so tired of the whole Monica Lewinsky past!" And by association, let's not vote for Hillary.

As it turns out, Obama also has something on his back -- his pastor whose controversial comments have caused such a stir.

In both cases, the candidates were associated with people who have been intimately associated with them (Rev. Wright has introduced Obama to his faith, married him and his wife, and baptized his children), and these people did something unsavory in the past. How much bearing does that have on the qualification of the candidates? Very little. The only criterion, it seems to me, is go back and evaluate the person, and the person alone. Let's filter out these noises!

Talking about baggages, we should examine our own life, and think about the baggages we carry everyday. They may be mistakes we made or adversities we endured in the past. Are those necessarily bad things? Have they helped build our characters and made who we are today?

The bottom line is: let's elect a qualified human being to the Presidency, not a saint or savior. That has not happened and will not happen.

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